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Business Communications Group (Busicom) encompasses the paper-based and electronic publishing activities of the Canberra-based privately-owned company - Co-operative Ventures (Australia) Pty Ltd (CVA).

CVA was formed in 1989 as an offshoot of the activities of one of Australia’s leading industry and trade policy consulting firms, and has since expanded the coverage of its commercial operations into printed and electronic business media, information research services and knowledge warehousing products.

Busicom’s first media products included titles such as: ‘The TCF Industry Advisor’; ‘The Australian Automotive Industry Advisor’; ‘The National Trade & Industry Advisor’; ‘Defence Industry & Aerospace Report’; and ‘Chalmers in Canberra’.

Most of these titles have since been either spun-off to other writers or re-developed into upgraded titles as Busicom itself has increased its own focus on reporting the ‘business’ of national Defence and the constantly evolving National Domestic Security (NDS) agenda.

The change in focus has now yielded a base of interrelated information products, which aim to match the core subject domain with analysis of the machinations of the Australian Government - all with the objective of informing readers of the evolving politics within Australia’s national capital and how these affect agreed directions in national security policy.

At the end of the day, the above critical interactions affect the emergence of business opportunities for commercially-focused organisations. Accordingly, Busicom titles are designed to not only help inform your business, but also help contribute to the solidification of opportunities to grow your business or related interests and influence.

After close to twenty years of continual innovation in specialist media, Busicom titles now include: ‘Australian Defence Business Review(ADBR); ‘ADBR On-Line @ Your Office’; the weekly e-Newsletter; ‘ On-Line @ Your Office’; and ‘Inside Defence’ - and through joint ventures and/or strategic alliances - Inside Canberra, ‘Defence Systems Daily’, ‘Australian Aviation’ (AA), ‘AA Express’, the National Homeland Security ‘Insight’, and ‘National Security Radio’.

Would you like to know more about Busicom? Send an email to with 'BUSICOM WEBSITE ENQUIRY' in the Subject Field.

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